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GreenSales is a wholesaler and grower of trees and plants. From Noordscheschut (Drenthe) and Balk (Friesland), we supply to the green sector in The Netherlands and abroad. To us, green has several meanings because we go beyond the green we supply. Our business processes become greener and more sustainable every day.

With us, everything comes from a green heart. In other words: with love for green. We strive to make the job as easy as possible for our customer, to make sure that they can work care free. That is why we continuously improve and search for ways we can better support our customers. We are proud that we have a lot to offer:

  • A great working, extensive and well organized webshop
  • Own plant nurseries in Balk and Noordscheschut
  • Sales locations in Balk and Noordscheschut
  • An extensive range of products, thanks to collaborating with selected plant growers
  • Providing excellent service, from quotation to delivery on location
  • Pick up points in the North of The Netherlands
  • Training solutions

Keep going with GreenSales

Customer focussed & Reliable

At GreenSales, sustainable processes and security of supply go hand in hand. Our customers want to care for their customers, in the same way as we do. That is why we make sure that our gardeners, retailers and other providers can keep on working care free. We deliver plants of great quality, on time and according to the agreement at your location or pick up point. A single plant will be delivered with the same joy and attention as a full truck load.

Groothandel planten Pieter van der Linden

Select it yourself in our green showroom

Cash & Carry

Of course it is possible to select your green directly from our showroom. Visit one of our cash & carry’s. You can also bring your customers along, so you can show them what you have in mind for their garden and make the selection together. The trees and plants are priced with consumer prices. You can immediately take your purchases or on sight delivery. We will deliver at cost price.

Order online

Easy & Efficient

We make ordering online as easy as possible, to safe you as much time as possible. In our webshop, you can easily find what you are looking for and order with just one push of a button. Besides, we make it possible that you keep a clear overview on the projects you are working on and you can use our handy quotation module. Of course, it will remain possible to request a quotation or place an order by phone or by e-mail.

Knowledge center

Educate & share knowledge

We are the renowned knowledge center for green, in the North of The Netherlands. We take care of the VHG industry training for Upcoming Landscaper, together with the Zone College, TerraNext, VHG and several landscaping companies. Our customers and suppliers can take advantage of this. Lots of lectures and presentations are not only interesting for students, that is why we invite our relations to come as well.


Collaboration within the chain

GreenSales grows and buys from other growers. That is why we get to choose from a wide range of products. Our suppliers guarantuee the same quality, reliability and sustainability. We think from the chain and work closely together, because supplying quality starts way before the plants arrive at our locations or the location of our customers.

Past, present & future

Our Story

In 1997, the then 20-years old Pieter van der Linden starts his company ‘Handelskwekerij Pieter van der Linden’. Before that, he wanted to become a farmer and started the agricultural school. But becoming a farmer is nearly impossible when your parents are no farmers and you cannot take over their farm. That is why Pieter switched from the agricultural school in Meppel to the horticultural school in Frederiksoord. During this 3-year education, he develops his feeling for plants and trade.

Professional & Customer friendly

Our team

On the front lines and behind the scenes, the people of Greensales work hard to keep their promises and further develop the company. Meet our fantastic people.