Past, Present and Future

Agricultural school Frederiksoord

Past, present and future

In 1997, the then 20-years old Pieter van der Linden starts his company ‘Handelskwekerij Pieter van der Linden’. Before that, he wanted to become a farmer and started the agricultural school. But becoming a farmer is nearly impossible when your parents are not farmers and you cannot take over their farm. That is why Pieter switched from the agricultural school in Meppel to the horticultural school in Frederiksoord. During this 3-year education, he develops his feeling for plants ánd trade.

Even during his school period, young Pieter trades plants. He buys them at school and sells them to garden centers. One of his teachers, who also grows plants, trusts the sale of these plants to Pieter. Pieter borrows his fathers van to transport the plants. He drives to school in an empty van, fills it up with plants and then sells them on his way home.

Chamber of Commerce

When Pieter is 18, he is done with school and registers at the Chamber of Commerce in Meppel. In that same year, he gets his first cutting assignment: 300.000 boxwoods and 100.000 hederas in P9 (9cm diameter pots). He can fulfill this assignment in Hollandscheveld. When Pieter gets an opportunity to buy land from family, he buys it. He starts with the sales of plants and trees to landscapers, green services and garden centers. The 20.000 m2 of bought land, is split in two: one quarter will be used as trading area and three quarters will be used as nursery.

Cash & Carry

Trade numbers are increasing rapidly, leaving too little time for the nursery and dig up trees. Hence, 5 years after the start the 5000m2 of Cash & Carry is expanded to 20.000m2. Two years later it is time to build a new barn of 200m2, with room for processing green and an office space. Also, the first employees are hired.


The name ‘Handelskwekerij Pieter van der Linden’ is changed to the more international name GreenSales when more and more international customers start to buy. Pieter is doing business in Turkey, Romania, Kazakhstan, England, Italy, France and even Azerbaijan. In 2003, Pieter opens Greensales Romania in Bucharest.

The international adventure does not meet Pieters expectations, also because of a few setbacks. Adding to that is the financial crisis. The years 2007 and 2008 are difficult years because of that. After seizing all opportunities, including the risks, Pieters know he needs to focus.

Assortment for landscapers

The company focusses fully on trading with landscapers and products for the green sector. Working with knowledge about the market. Based on demand, the assortment is adjusted. This vision results in a great assortment for landscapers, with a lot of green in larger pot sizes of mainly 3 and 5 liter.


In 2015, GreenSales expanded with the location in Balk. After renting for five years, the location is bought. This means an expansion of 40.000m2 of nursery. In 2021, a container field of 10.000m2 is added. Another piece of land of 15.000m2 is bought in Noordscheschut, on the other side of the street of where the company is. It is land that was originally owned by the family. Here, the focus is on cultivating 10, 35 and 65 liter pots. By growing more plants inhouse, the chain becomes smaller and there is less transport needed. GreenSales moves along with the market by growing what is not nursed yet or not sufficiently nursed at the moment.


In a world that becomes more and more digitalized, it is key to have a webshop. GreenSales is creating a platform with a full assortment of green in the Netherlands. In the webshop there are 60.000 different articles offered. In a market where prices are transparent, we work with added costs for transport, handling and delivery. That way, our customers still have room to make money on the plants and trees.

Green future

The future of GreenSales is based on focus on cooperating intensively with suppliers and customers, so we can join our forces and work sustainably. For instance by minimizing transport movements. What can be more green, will be made more green. Electricity for the company is supplied by solar panels on our roof. The golf carts, forklift trucks and pump trucks are all electric.

Share knowledge

GreenSales focusses on continuity of the sector by sharing knowledge. For instance about soil life, water, sustainability and environment. From working together with schools, we train landscapers. Our customers can also join workshops and presentations that are offered to students.

All in one spot

The recent expansion in Noordscheschut will be used to offer a broader package of plants and with that, minimize the amount of transport movements. It is mainly an addition to the assortment of current suppliers; niches in the market and plants that to not sell as much. Also there is a wish to start a park with solitaires and build a reception center. In this reception center, we will work on knowledge, education, sustainability and strengthening the sector.