Customer focussed
& reliable

Own nursery

We grow an extensive assortment of green, from plant species that get ordered a lot to species that only get ordered once in a while. That way, we do not have to collect these plants from ‘all over’. This enables our customers to buy directly from the source and reduce the amount of logistic movements.

Environment and sustainability

We care for the environment and work sustainably, by cooperating and arranging logistics in a smart way. As a result, we have less CO2 emissions. Besides that, it also has a positive impact on the prices of our products. We have solar panels on our roof, that electricity is used to charge our electric forklift, pump truck and golf carts. Used plastic pots can be returned to us, so we can have them recycled.

Carefully thought out processes

Thinking carefully about our processes, results in being able to serve our customers in the best way. The plants that we don’t nurse ourselve, are ordered from selected growers. Each batch gets a label with barcode. After scanning the label, the correct amount of labels for each batch are printed. We use these to label the ordered batches. On the label is also the customer reference. We put the plants in a selected area, according to the instructions on the package. To check, we scan everything one more time. This way, we keep a close eye on the process and can easily adjust where needed.

Planting plan

As a landscaper, you have done lots of work on a landscaped garden before you can put the plants in. Not only in the garden, but also behind your desk. According to the wishes of the customer, you prepare a design and after that you select the trees and plants. A part of that work, you can leave to us. Based on the design, we can make a planting plan. We send it to you complete with drawings, species list, pictures and descriptions of the plants and the quotation. You can discuss everything with your customer. After receiving the approval, we take care of the rest. We prepare the order and deliver everything to the required location or pick-up point. For more information about this service, click on the following link: Design service (

Transparant prices

The prices of green are subject to supply and demand on the market. One of our colleagues keeps track of the data and makes sure that we purchase the best quality for the right price. From this purchase price, we build a sales price: cost price supplier (grower), transport to our premises, handling and transport to our customers. Should you choose to pick up your order, you receive a discount. It is quite simple: what you don’t ask for, you don’t pay for. For example, you also get a 5% discount when you prepare your full order in the webshop yourself and order online.