From planting plan to delivery

Imagine: a garden project where your vision comes to life without hours of desk work and plant selection. As a dedicated landscaper, you know that the process from design to delivery can be time-consuming. With us, this process becomes a seamless journey. Let us take the work off your hands while you focus on what you do best: creating beautiful gardens. Discover our comprehensive services, bringing together customized planting plans, detailed designs, and expert delivery to complete your garden project to perfection.

Design Team GreenSales

Due to the overwhelming success of our design service, we have further expanded our offerings in this area. We proudly introduce our new design team, comprised of three expert designers, ready to make your garden dreams a reality. These experts are poised to bring your garden vision to life, with a focus on fast and accurate designs, including detailed quotes.

How does it work?

To proceed efficiently, we ask for the following information. Please provide these details via email, which you can send to

1. Sketch with clear measurements: Provide us with a detailed sketch of your client’s garden, including precise measurements, so that we can utilize the space optimally.
2. Location and photos: Send us photos of the location to gain a better understanding of the surroundings and determine the best placement for the plants. Don’t forget to include the address so that we can potentially check on Google Maps.
3. Client’s preferences: Share your client’s preferences with us, such as colors, specific plant species, heights, etc., so that we can create a customized planting plan that suits them perfectly. Also, let us know if the client wants shrubs and/or trees included in the plan.
4. North arrow: Mark the north arrow on your sketch to maintain the correct orientation for optimal growth conditions.
5. Budget: Discuss the budget with your client and inform us so that we can create a planting plan that fits within their financial means.
6. Number of plants per square meter: Provide us with an estimate of the number of plants per square meter, so that your client has an idea of the required quantity and costs. Also, remember to mention the type of soil so that we can suggest suitable plants.

If we require additional information, we will contact you. Upon receiving the necessary details, we will create a tailored planting plan for you, along with a detailed quotation. Curious about our rates? Then get in touch with us.