Frequently asked questions


During the full year, we are open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 until 17:15, with the exception of national holidays. During the high season (March to June) we have extra opening hours on: – Tuesday evening from 18:30 until 21:00 – Saturday morning from 07:00 until 12:00 In the months October, November and December we have extra opening hours on Saturday from 07:00 until 12:00. In the week of Christmas and New Years, we are closed.

We only supply companies that are registered at the Chamber of Commerce and active in the green sector. You can bring your customer to our showroom as a guest.

In the Netherlands, we deliver all orders with a value above €675,-. Below €675,- we charge a delivery fee of €37,50.

You can pay in several ways: contact/debit card/automated collection.

Plants you selected yourself, cannot be returned.

Yes, we work with different fusts and the price is the same in the whole country. The fusts you buy from us, can be returned to us. On the webshop the can find the figures behind this.

When you buy something in the cash and carry that is in a chest or bundel, we deliver in chest or bundel. We do have plants that can be picked by piece. It is possible to place an order per piece seperately.

Next to an extensive assortment of plants, we sell fertilizers, soil improvers, tree poles, tools and drip hoses on the premises and in our webshop.

You are allowed to use our golf carts with trailers. When you selected a large and heavy plant, our colleagues will happily pick it up with a fork lift.

The coffee is never ready, we prepare it freshly for you.

We have a really nice reception space, where you can quietly sit with your customer to disucss his/her wishes.

When you found a plant you like, you can tell one of our colleagues and they will reserve this for you.


There are several ways to request a qoatation. In our extensive webshop you can easily prepare an offer and put it on hold. Besides that, you can email us your request and we will process this within one business day.

We deliver within 7 business days, on every location in the Netherlands.

Next to delivery on location, you can also choose to collect your order at GreenSales Noordscheschut, Greensales Balk, Wildkamp Roden of Wildkamp Veendam. Benefit is that we do not charge you a delivery fee, you can return empty fusts and order new goods on the spot.

Nexrt to our own nursery in Balk, were we have the full growing process in our own control and everything is designed to meet the market needs, is GreenSales a reliable and qualitatively high standing group of breeders. Because of that, we always supply constant quality. Our breeders are under supervision of Naktuinbouw.

First checks are done by the careful selecting performed by suppliers. Then another check is done at our distribution cente at the inbound of the plants.

At the inbound we label all batches with reference details of the customer. Trees and forrest plantation is packed in plastic bags. Then it will be packed in chests, pallet boxes or cc-carts.

You can follow the full order process online. From the moment we order until packing and sending. Everything is checked triple at GreenSales, by scanning at inbound, check of the label and packing the goods, so we know we are always 100% complete.

The always try to fully care for our customers. That is not only by delivering a complete order, but also when returning the fust. Next to our own transport we also work with external transporters, who cannot collect the fusts. Then we will arrange seperate transport for you. When we are delivering with our own truck, we can collect the fust right away. Besides that, you can always return them at GreenSales Noordscheschut, Greensales Balk, Wildkamp Roden of Wildkamp Veendam.


GreenSales delivers turn in all of the Netherlands.

GreenSales delivers turf on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You need to order two days upfront.

GreenSales can supply turn the full year round. Only during a heatwave of frost period, we do not supply turf.