Our team

Pieter van der Linden is the owner of GreenSales and responsible for the entire business . “The best part of my job is doing business to completely take care of our customers with our supplies, thinking in new possibilities and seizing opportunities. Listening to what our customers need, is a part of that.”

Ellie Slomp is working in our shop. She scans the purchases of customers in the cash and carry and deliveres orders. She makes sure that orders are ready to be collected and informs customers that their order is ready for pick-up. “In my job, I enjoy being in contact with our customers.”

Anne van der Linden is resposible for acquisition, PR, communication and the webshop. She takes care of promoting the company and creating more visibility. She is also involved in the development of the webshop and answers questions from  the customers about ordering online. “GreenSales is a beautiful company and I like showing that to new customers.”

Peter Sosef works on sales, transport and logistics. He picks and completes the orders and gets them ready to be send out, so customers receive theirs orders complete and neat. “I work in a great team and have different types of jobs, no workday is the same.”

Gonny Boer is responsible for the financial administration. She handles our credit- and debit accounts, draws the monthly reports, declarations and payroll. She makes sure that our automated collection system is as clear as can be and is the contact person for questions and unclarities. “I believe that the complete picture of our job is interesting. It is a system that needs continuous follow-up. It is important that there are no hitches in the process.”

Renske ten Heuvel cares for the customers and the plants. She prepares orders, scans the plants, calls customers about the orders and keeps the greenery neat. “The best part of my job is being in contact with customers and colleagues and working between plants and flowers!”

Zandrie Adams is the team member who is responsible for the sales of turf on the Dutch and German market. He makes sure that orderes are delivered where needed. “My work is varied. Being in contact with customers, thinking along with them and making sure that everything runs smoothly, is what I like most about my job.”

Ruud Jonkman handles the purchasing and sales of plants and turf for the Dutch and German market. Ruud is customer and service minded. He keeps the customer up to date, answers questions and calculations turf prices. Ruud thinks along with the customers about transport possibilities or when an alternative product is required. “The diversity of my tasks and satisfied customers give me a good feeling and great workweek.”

Bennie Heukers is our happy trucker who delivers orders on location or a pick-up point. When he is not on his truck, he works on the Noodscheschut premises as handyman. “I like being on the road. When possible I like to stop and eat a meatball or fish.”

Rianne Reefhuis-Brinkman is responsible for sales and sometimes handles purchases. Apart from several sales jobs, like quotations and booking orders, Rianne is an advisor for the landscapers and makes planting plans. “Being in contact with the customer and the plants is what I like most about my job. I give advise and think along.”

You can find Nick Koster on our terrain outside at Greensales. Nick makes sure the plants that come in are being put in the right place, he takes care of the plants at our Cash & Carry and keeps the nursery in tip top shape. “The thing I like best about my job is that I work outside and that I work with plants. You see me walking when you can’t find something? Let me know, I’ll gladly help you!”

Edwin Lawant makes sure that the premises is always neat. On Monday he starts at the front and works his way to the back of terrain througout the week. Edwin likes working with the new sweeper. “I like it when the terrain is neat. Sometimes I jump in my car for an emergency delivery. Every day there is something new to do.”

Trijnie Stevens solves issues and handles complaints. She keeps track of everything and is only satisfied when the customer is happy. She keeps the webshop up to date and monitors the stock. “I like to dot the i, so our customers are served when they come to us with a question or complaint. Clear communication is vital.”

Geert Gosen is our German representitive. Geert is responsible for the acquisition and customer relations in Germany. A man who has been working in green his entire life and likes to bring his passion for green to his customers. For all questions related to plants and turf, our German customers can go to Geert.

Jannet Kamps is always ready to assist customers and keep the store running smoothly. Her tasks range from managing inventory to assisting customers with their purchases. Do you have a question or need advice? Jannet is ready to help you!

Jorn Steenbergen plays an essential role in the financial administration of GreenSales. His passion lies in managing financial data and supporting various business processes. Jorn strives for perfection in his administrative tasks and is determined to continuously improve his skills. Together with the GreenSales team, he is committed to the success of the organization.

Meet Peter Bezembinder, a passionate garden enthusiast at GreenSales. As a new member of our team, Peter manages the inventory at the Cash & Carry and is responsible for order picking. He ensures that each plant receives the best care and collaborates with colleagues to curate a stunning assortment. With his dedication and love for greenery, Peter contributes to the success of our team and the satisfaction of our customers.